Some things I noticed 07/06/2020:
  1. it was not until they found this new chamber that they saw the full scale of this prehistoric underground human enterprise
  2. focus today is still about performance; we are still looking at the unit of seconds when evaluating useful functionalities on a moderately-rigged machine
  3. You’ve got this highly infectious virus sweeping around the world, and it would be unusual if you didn’t see a big uptick in ME/CFS cases.
  4. maybe Mr. Marsalek’s entry in the immigration database was used to check for a Interpol Red Notice
  5. ‘Turnspeak’ is not Orwell, Mr. Dershowitz, you’re the Felix Frankfurter chair at Harvard, you must know that Orwell would never use such a clunky phrase as ‘turnspeak.’
  6. Their egos and incompetence could doom an entire civilization
  7. Defence chiefs say it will enable a better response to domestic threats” 😂
  8. The dollar is [still] the dominant currency; We are seeing signs that China’s prominence will accelerate. These transitions take a while.
  9. -ass constructions in African-American Vernacular English
  10. Kakkmaddafakka – Lilac

Some things I noticed 07/05/2020:
  1. dopamine detox
  2. How I Escaped From China
  3. Disappearance of Vanessa Guillen
  4. Top Manhattan prosecutor leaves job after standoff with Barr
  5. Locsin on Chinese Military Exercises in Paracel Islands
  6. Tankus has taken full advantage of the lack of gatekeepers on the web, where a sharp and quickly delivered argument on the topic du jour can have more impact.
  7. If you pool data without regard to the underlying causality, you’ll get erroneous results.
  8. I was trying to wash my hands in the bathroom and ended up in a Kardashian selfie
  9. “Do you think death is awesome?” he questioned. “Well… no.” she shook her head, “But I think the passage to it is.” “Oh.” he said, “I see what you mean.”
  10. Don’t forget to breathe.