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Thoughts about a coffee cup

I have a coffee cup with a picture of a red rose painted on it.

It now sits on my desk and serves as a fuel for my mind to come up with words to fill up this blank html textbox so that I won’t end up using that Lorem Ipsum pseudo-Latin text filler. I don’t know exactly why I’m doing this, but since I said that my mind is now coming up with a reason. Maybe because I consider spaces as sacred. Spaces are comparable to silences if the realm of the things we hear are suddenly converted to the realm of the things we see. Something like that. Learn meta-thinking once and it becomes very hard to stop thinking altogether. Until is becomes almost physically painful your head hurts. Like what I’m feeling right now.

Or maybe because my coffee cup is no longer true. It’s now just a cup. It ran out of coffee. And some parts of that coffee wants to run to the loo. Now. Buh-bye.

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