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The annoying thing about having to write for a short period of time whatever comes to mind is that there’s so little time to actually think about anything. One’s thoughts are like a word cloud and to catch anything one has to have a preliminary thought to act as some sort of bait, and most of what follows depend on what the bait initially was. Of course based on some mathematical thing that I know I don’t know but I know exists, if one would try to persist catching ideas this way long enough and use all the subsequent catches as baits, eventually there would be a good catch, so to speak. But to have a good catch takes time, and that’s what sucks when putting a time-limit to when one is writing.

The upside to time boxing a writing session, on the other hand, and kind of letting it be a stream-of-consciousness kind of affair, is that it guarantees that there’d be an output later on, as opposed to having the writing session open ended, which usually end up having the writer lost pulling some long train of thought that never quite have the form suitable to being written, unless by having the patience to hammer it down to something more understandable.

I guess if one’s purpose is to have a written artifact, one cannot go wrong starting with a rant. Unfortunately, if one wants to prepare something that will end up becoming something worth reading afterwards, rants get old very fast because ranting is so easy.

Of course, this entry is an evidence that if one is pressed for time, ranting about ranting is the way to go. Nothing is more tautological than saying everything, given enough time, goes meta.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/13/2020:
  1. That stray dog in Turkey using the rollover car wash machine to be petted, is like this. Also, of course, that’s what that machine is called and it can be ordered online. Okay.
  2. Anly busking
  3. Messiah‘s politics is more blasphemous than its theology, or lack thereof, which I like.
  4. A thin film of dust courtesy of Taal volcano on my bike seat.

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