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It’s day 18 of the rewrites.

I was listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History episodes on World War I the past few days. I’m about to finish Blueprint for Armageddon IV. I’m currently listening to the aftermath of the butchery that was the battle of the Somme. My thoughts are about a lot of forgotten dead people, how the world is ripe for another war, and how stupid that would be.

But then it is also possible that this very moment is a fluke. The universe produced a consciousness in an instant, in random. With how big the universe is, it is sure to happen. This configuration of matter is such that everything we experience seem to be. It includes all our imagined history and lore and future, including us. But it is all an illusion that will collapse again into the randomness from which it came from. At the moment though, at this moment, everything is as real as any and all subjective reality could get.

Of course, this is my gag reflex to the idea of so many senseless deaths. When in discomfort, think of the Boltzmann brain, I guess.

Yesterday I thought I should write about why objectivity doesn’t exist. People are better off being explicit about their subjectivity. But on account of what I wrote today, I forgot about it and only now remembered. So I will write about it tomorrow. Enough for today.

I get the point of making written words easier to read. But the feeling is not quite the same as writing a one-paragraph-long sentence in one go.

Some things I noticed 02/11/2020:
  1. End-of-life for 19.04 was January 23. So that’s why disco disappeared from the i3wm repo. A draft complaint email was made. Thankfully not sent. Forgot this was not LTS.
  2. The James Bond Movie
  3. Retrospective justification. A redundant term.
  4. Premium comedy for ironic listening.
  5. When at gunpoint, better believe, √úbermensch.
  6. Good boy.
  7. Oxygen

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