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Day three.

It was a stable time, the Dark Ages. People knew where their lanes were. Not saying it was a good time. Only saying I wouldn’t know if I were in one.

It took a pandemic to wake people up. Labor shortages allowed workers to see themselves as having value. Not discounting the fact that plagues select for the least congenial. For centuries people looked at each other as would God his children. After half the population died for no good reason, each man for himself.

Matteo Guidicelli married Sarah Geronimo yesterday. The bride’s parents weren’t informed. They did not approve of the groom. Bride’s nmom came to the venue anyway. The groom later punched the person suspected of leaking the information. It was all over the news today.

Are these two pieces of information related to each other? Not at all. Until somebody decided to write one after the other. In the context of this writing, they are now. Next to each other, in this, whatever this is.

That words contain thoughts is fascinating. One could put thoughts side by side using words to give birth to different other thoughts. We do this all the time and we don’t even notice.

No the groom did not punch the bride. He punched somebody else.

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