Day 7.

Pascal’s dad did not enroll young Blaise in school. John Locke did not approve forcing children to study. The notion that philosophy is the work of the devil growing up becomes useful once one outgrows the idea.

Discouragement to engage in popular culture, though, has negative consequences. Most don’t feel compelled and partake only on occasion. But to those who lack basic cultural references, a daunting challenge awaits. One could overcompensate and try to consume everything.

If one insists, there is a silver lining. It’s easy for adults to discount new things only as a bit different and not worth paying attention to. As a fraction of the sum of all past days, the value of each new day grows ever smaller after all. Maintaining childlike curiosity is hard.

Thus drastic changes in one’s worldview after youth present unique opportunities. Negative spaces left by discarded thoughts are useful scaffolds when building anew. Old ideas are new again. The ability developed through experience to grab thoughts by their affordances remain.

All the while, value systems are almost immutable. One could with great effort reorient the viewpoint of the mind. But the collections of the instances of existence that make the layers of the self remain. And so does the need for new layers to be of the compatible shape to add to such. Enough for today.

Sweet Summer Child

Day 6.

Nation-states enforce social contracts. They derive power from monopoly on lethal action. They decide how to represent value. Weapons make money.

When a thing becomes a thing it’s hard to revert to having the thing not be a thing again. This is not about the military industrial complex and its role in geopolitics. I meant this writing-everyday thing becoming more and more a drag and a nuisance.

That is not to say it is not tempting to pull words out of one’s posterior and have opinions about current events. Arms manufacturers want customers to sell to. What faster way to increase market share than to manufacture demand as well. That which aspires to be strong in its own fibre ought to be careful not to end up swaying to and fro in the wind.

Mark Chua disclosed ROTC corruption to The Varsitarian. Finding his body later in the Pasig river sparked protests that culminated with the NSTP Act of 2001. Renato Cayetano was the principal sponsor. PGMA was president.

Blame Thomas Hobbes and his winterbred ilk’s dire view of human nature. In an environment of plenty, Leviathans are unnecessary. But the monsters are already here. Scarcity mindset wins.

Whatever is going on, we’re at the tailend of something good. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 02/24/2020:
  1. Nani?! Exempted because they know what they’re doing? 🐄
  2. Flat-earther, meet earth. Don’t do at home.
  3. Senate, do your thing.
  4. Imagine all the people...🎶”
  5. On the loose in Italy
  6. Drug Repurposing Hub
  7. deep learning predicts new antibiotics
  8. tunnel digger, 10x faster