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Some things I noticed 04/06/2020:
  1. Hozier covers Toxic
  2. kiarathevolleydog
  3. Fine, I’ll comb it.
  4. “a team of scientists had managed to synthesize one gram of remdesivir”
  5. 這次合成過程中的大挑戰就在如何從不同「鏡像異構物」中挑選出最適合的版本。Enantiomer! Chirality! 鏡 mirror 像 image 異 different 構 side 物 thing. 행복해요.
  6. synthetic organic chemistry considerations w.r.t. possible covid-19 cure
  7. “Remdesivir can be metabolised to nucleoside triphosphate [which] works as competitor [to] adenosine triphosphate, confuses [virus], acts as delayed RNA chain terminator.” Très cool!
  8. ¿Quién sabe que una melodía de la semana santa puede sonar como música de metal? O es al revés.
  9. words derived from Wôpanâak language
  10. “the term ‘topic’ is actually a misnomer in Tagalog, since the Tagalog topic need not be especially discourse-prominent

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