Some things I noticed 04/28/2020:
  1. might be this century’s most important debate
  2. “periblepsis (an “eye-skip”) occasioned by homoeoteleuton (the “same endings”)”
  3. Mortality statistics show deaths in excess of normal levels, considerably higher than official Covid-19 deaths reported
  4. value comes from improbability
  5. “Every human relationship can be adjusted with the right amount of money.” – Solomon, Westworld S03E07
  6. “The best way to ensure a corrupt system’s survival is to take the good people within it and turn them against each other.” – Lisa Joy
  7. We Might Never Get a Good Coronavirus Vaccine

Some things I noticed 04/27/2020:
  1. Director General of the International Vaccine Institute re: COVID-19
  2. Were its message actually the title, but alas, the insistence to dilute all time (i.e. life) into commodities of lesser value persists. 🀦
  3. β€œIkaw at ako’y nasa iisang dagat, ang iyong pagmamahal aking kasama”
  4. The 1929 Stock Market Crash
  5. In an MMMBop they’re gone
  6. η·‘ι»„θ‰²η€ΎδΌš – sabotage
  7. Flipped video is mildly infuriating
  8. rollin’ your eyes to the back of your heads, surely you know to close them instead