Some things I noticed 05/29/2020:
  1. Hide ⁠‍⁠⁡⁠‍⁢⁠⁡⁠‌⁣‌⁡‍⁠⁤‍‍⁡‍‌⁣⁠‌‍⁤⁡‌⁠‌‍⁠‌⁡‍⁢‍‍‌‍⁠⁤‍⁠‍⁠⁤⁡⁠‌⁠⁤⁡‌‍⁡⁠‍⁠‌⁣‍‍‌⁠‌⁣‍⁠‍‍‌‍⁡‍⁤‍⁠⁢⁣‍‌⁠‍‍⁡‌⁠⁢‍⁡‍⁤⁤⁠⁡⁢⁡⁢⁤‌⁣⁠⁢⁢⁡⁣‌⁡‍‌‍⁡‍⁢⁠‍⁢‍⁡⁠⁡⁠⁡⁠⁡‍⁢⁡‍⁠‌⁣⁣⁤⁡‌⁠⁡⁠‌⁣⁡‍⁠‍⁡⁠‍‍⁢‍⁢⁣⁡⁢‍‍⁠⁡⁠‌‍‍⁠‌⁠‍‌⁡‌‍‍‍⁡‍‍⁣‌⁡⁣⁡‍⁡‌⁠‍‌⁣‌⁡‍⁤‍⁠⁡‍‍⁢‌‍‍‌⁡⁢‌⁣‌⁠‍‍‍‌⁠⁤‍⁤⁠⁤⁠⁤‌⁣⁠‌⁡⁢‌⁡‍‌⁡⁠‍⁠‍⁡‌‍⁢⁠‌‍‍‌‍⁢⁣‌⁠‌⁡⁠‌⁡⁠‍‍⁣‍⁠‌⁡‌⁡‍⁣⁠⁡⁢⁣⁡⁠‍⁡⁠‍⁡‌⁣‌⁠⁡⁢⁡‍⁤⁠⁡‍‍⁤⁣‌⁡‍⁢‌⁠‌‍⁤⁡‍⁠‌⁠‍⁡⁢⁡⁠⁢‌‍⁠‌⁠‌⁠‌‍⁡‍‌⁠⁡‍⁤‍‍⁠⁢⁣⁠‍‌⁠‍‌⁡‌⁠⁢⁣‌⁤‌‍‍‍⁡‌⁡⁣‌‍‍⁡‌‍‍⁡‍‍‌⁠⁡⁠⁤⁡⁢⁠‌‍⁤‍‍⁡⁣‌⁤⁤‍‍⁡⁠‌‍⁡‍⁠‍⁢‌⁤⁤⁡⁠⁢‍⁡‍⁡‍⁡‌‍⁡‌⁡‍‍‍⁡⁠‍⁠‌⁠‍⁡⁠‍‍⁡⁢⁠‍‍‌⁡⁠‍⁣⁠‍⁠⁡‍‌⁤⁡‌⁡⁠‍⁠‌‍⁡⁣⁣⁠‍⁡‌‍⁣‍⁠⁤⁠⁢⁠⁤‍‍‌⁡‍⁠⁢⁠‍‌⁡⁠‌⁤⁣⁣‍‌‍‌‍⁡⁠‍⁤⁡‌⁡‌‍⁡‌‍‌⁠‍‍⁣⁢‍⁤‌⁠‍⁣‌⁡⁣⁢⁠‍‌‍‌⁤⁣⁡⁠‍⁠‌⁡‌⁣⁤‍‍⁠‌⁡‍⁤⁡‌⁤‌⁣⁢⁠⁡⁣⁡⁠⁢⁡‌‍⁣⁠‍⁠‍‍⁠‍‍⁢‌‍⁡⁠‍⁢‌⁣⁡⁠‌⁤⁠‍‌‍‌‍‍⁡‍‌‍‌‍⁡⁠‌⁡‌‍‍⁠‍‌⁡‌‍⁢⁡‌‍‌⁣⁡‍⁠⁢⁤‌⁤⁠⁢‍‍⁡‌⁠‍⁡‍⁣⁢⁠⁡⁠‍‌⁠‍⁢‍⁣‌‍⁤⁠⁤‍⁠⁡⁣⁣‍⁠‌⁤⁤⁡⁢⁣⁡‌⁠‍⁡⁠‍⁣‍‍⁤‌⁡‍⁤⁡‍‌⁤⁢⁣⁠‌⁣‍‍‌⁣⁡‍‌⁡‌⁣⁡⁠⁢‍⁠‍⁠‍‍‍‍‌‍⁡‍‌⁤‍‍⁠‌⁣‍⁠‌⁠‍‍⁡⁢‍‌⁣‌‍⁡‍⁡‌⁠⁢⁠⁡‍⁠‍⁡⁠‌⁠‍⁡‍⁠⁡⁠‌⁡‌⁤‍⁠⁡‍‍⁡⁠‍⁠‍⁢⁤⁡‌‍⁡‌‍‍⁠‌‍‍⁣⁡‌‍⁡⁢⁠‌⁣⁡‍‍‍‌⁡‍⁢⁠‍⁡‌⁤‍‍‍‌⁠⁤⁡‍‌⁠⁡‍‍⁡⁣‌‍⁣⁠‌‍⁡‌⁠‍⁠⁡‌⁡‌⁣⁡‌‍‌⁠‍⁡‍‍‍‌⁤‍⁢‌⁠‌⁡⁠⁡⁣⁠⁤‌⁣⁢⁡⁢⁢⁠⁡‌‍⁠⁡⁣‌‍‍⁡‍‌⁡⁣⁡⁠⁡‍‌⁤‍⁠‍⁡⁣‌⁤⁡‍‍⁠‍‍⁡‍⁢‍⁠⁡‍‌⁡⁢‍⁠⁤‍⁤⁡⁠‌⁠‍⁠‍‍‌⁣⁡‍‍‍⁤⁢⁤‌‍⁡‌⁡‍⁢⁢‌‍⁠⁤‍⁡‍‍⁢⁣‍⁢⁠‌⁠‍‍⁡‍‍‍‌⁡⁠‍‍‍‍⁢⁣⁡‍⁡‌⁡‌⁤‍⁢⁠⁡⁣⁣‍‌⁠‍⁡⁠‌⁡‌⁡‌⁤⁡⁠‍‌⁡‍⁠‍⁠‍⁢⁤‍⁢⁢⁠⁡‍⁤‌‍‍⁤⁠‌⁣⁠⁢‌⁠‍⁠⁡⁠⁢⁠‌‍‍⁠‍⁡⁣⁠⁡‍‌⁡⁢⁤‍⁡‍‍⁡⁠‍‌‍⁢‍‍⁡⁠⁢⁠‍⁣‍‍‍⁠‍‌⁡⁠‌⁠⁡⁠‍‌‍‌⁤‍⁡⁠‍⁠⁡‍⁣‍⁡⁣‍‌⁠⁤⁤⁣‌‍‍‍⁤‍⁤⁤⁠⁡⁣⁣⁢‍⁠⁤‍‌⁠‍‌‍⁢⁠‍‍‌⁡‌‍‍⁠⁡‍‍‍⁢⁠⁡‌⁡‌⁠‍‍‌⁡⁠‌‍⁡‌‍⁣⁠‍‍⁢⁡‌⁠‍⁡⁠‍⁣⁢⁡‍‍⁠⁡secrets in plain text.
  2. German and French engineers work very well together; a British engineer with a French engineer is complicated.
  3. What are the aims and ends that we should direct our software toward? What questions should we be asking, if not economic?
    • “Science demonstrates by its very method that the means it constantly elaborates do no more than reproduce an interplay of forces by themselves without aim or end”
  4. The Anacreon Song, Wikipedia
  5. Full Star Spangled Banner w/ Oliver Wendell Holmes revision
  6. the administration expected significant push back from institutions because of financial interests in Chinese student enrollment
  7. Governments at all levels must reject pointless formalities and reject spending splurges
  8. For me, I just beat me. This ain’t about nobody else. I just beat me. I’m in a battle with the only person I want to fucking beat and that’s me.
  9. ultimately, I think that the person whose happiness Diyoza is most concerned with ensuring is her own
    • “David J. Peterson is credited on this episode, and I don’t recall hearing any Trigedasleng”

Some things I noticed 05/28/2020:
  1. La Historia del Condor Pasa
    • “es una zarzuela de denuncia social porque trata sobre las minas que en Cerro de Pasco mas o menos sobre la explotacion que los dueños de estas minas que son extranjeros hacen a la poblacion indigen”
    • “el condor que vuela y pasa sobre todo ese drama que pasa en las minas es como el simbolo de la libertad que desean los mineros para recobrar la justicia social”
  2. EL Condor Pasa – El Dorado Orchestra, Los Incas, Gigliola Cinquetti
  3. Extensive reading is the only way in which learners can meet the language enough times to pick up a sense of how the language fits together.
  4. If I do so I will be killed by five thunderbolts.” “If I do so I will be killed by myriads of swords.
  5. Meanwhile, no hospitals for little fools who plunge on pools to pledge forever. 🤣
  6. China concealed extent of outbreak which led many scientists to believe that 2% to 5% of all infected would die. This turned out to be off by a factor of 10
  7. the suspension of POGO operations should be lifted immediately to give our tax collection a much-needed boost
  8. national security risks in the HKSAR have become a problem… activities have seriously challenged the bottom line of the ‘one country, two systems’ principle”
  9. I’m very much against referendums in general