Some things I noticed 06/30/2020:
  1. Octopus moms die after they reproduce.
  2. “Why don’t they just fly on eagles to take the ring to Mordor?” “The eagles are not mounts. They’re not just birds. They are Ainur.
  3. The unusual amount of rain led to an unusual amount of vegetation, which led to an unusual number of new locusts… caused by an unusually warm Indian Ocean.
  4. In a typical gasoline engine a spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture inside the cylinder. Rudolf Diesel determined that no spark was necessary.
  5. Power transformers that feed our homes do produce 120V but twice.
  6. Road to Recovery — The Manila Times
  7. Prime Infra and Solar Philippines set to jointly build two new solar projects serving the Luzon and Visayas grids, after signing a P1.5-billion deal
  8. Hong Kong-flagged cargo vessel MV Vienna Wood collided with FV Liberty 5 about 27 kilometers off Mamburao town in Mindoro Occidental, 14 people missing
  9. 효린 — 턴어라운드, 내일할래

Some things I noticed 06/29/2020:
  1. It’s the countries that contribute least to the problem that stand to lose the most from rapid climate change
  2. Our results contradict previous claims that chickens were domesticated in northern China and the Indus Valley
  3. The image that in cinema isn’t usually associated with the kind of visceral satisfaction of a kiss but it could be and it should be. It’s not girl gets boy, it’s girl gets book.
    • “Writing doesn’t confer importance it reflects it.” “I don’t think so. Writing them will make them more important.” — Greta Gerwig, Little Women
  4. There you have it, converting binary to decimal. How hard could it possibly be?” 😂
  5. The look on your competitor’s face with an expensive AR when he finds out that he have been outshot by a $2 shit-shovel… priceless!
  6. if TikTok is active on your phone while you work, the app can basically read anything and everything you copy on another device
  7. “Rolling Rhino — Convert Ubuntu into a ‘rolling release’ that tracks the devel series
  8. the higher we build, the harder to see
  9. Noah 2014 — Creation Sequence