in noticed

Some things I noticed 06/09/2020:
  1. Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections
  2. It has to be right at noon, because you basically want direct sunlight. You don’t want shadows to prevent our ability to count the cars.” 😆
  3. tiny wavelengths of mmWave frequencies allow devices to pack many more antennas; adjusting phase of signal, a 5G cell can create a wireless ‘beam’
  4. An open-source microscope built using LEGO bricks, 3D-printing, Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  5. Pl@ntNet is the digital tool that allows you to identify thousands of species of plants thanks to your pictures
  6. The requirement had always been put forward as something that guarantees the character of the school; Unfortunately, character is a synonym of control
  7. 「レストランなどでは、部屋の中の空気を出して、外の空気を入れることが必要です。」
  8. Because everybody knows the truthʼs just not enough for the show
  9. Lobo – Bullet Dumas 😱
  10. cool tool

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