in noticed

Some things I noticed 07/06/2020:
  1. it was not until they found this new chamber that they saw the full scale of this prehistoric underground human enterprise
  2. focus today is still about performance; we are still looking at the unit of seconds when evaluating useful functionalities on a moderately-rigged machine
  3. You’ve got this highly infectious virus sweeping around the world, and it would be unusual if you didn’t see a big uptick in ME/CFS cases.
  4. maybe Mr. Marsalek’s entry in the immigration database was used to check for a Interpol Red Notice
  5. ‘Turnspeak’ is not Orwell, Mr. Dershowitz, you’re the Felix Frankfurter chair at Harvard, you must know that Orwell would never use such a clunky phrase as ‘turnspeak.’
  6. Their egos and incompetence could doom an entire civilization
  7. Defence chiefs say it will enable a better response to domestic threats” 😂
  8. The dollar is [still] the dominant currency; We are seeing signs that China’s prominence will accelerate. These transitions take a while.
  9. -ass constructions in African-American Vernacular English
  10. Kakkmaddafakka – Lilac

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