in noticed

Some things I noticed 08/01/2020:
  1. Let ’em eat cake!
  2. people who are the most alarmist about the problems also oppose obvious solutions
  3. the first season is basically the story of a guy who really, really believes that political norms will protect him
  4. The nation never delayed a presidential election. Not when Lincoln was expected to lose. Not in Great Depression. Not World War II.
  5. to become a data fiduciary that manages people’s information for them; [Google] developing software that can mine encrypted data.
  6. A good-enough piece of artwork violently created now is better than a perfect piece of artwork meticulously created never.
  7. [The] brain [is] already capable of imagining things spoken in other people’s voices. How far computers have caught up.
  8. Ann Sandig — 90s Anime Medley
  9. So I chained myself to a friend
  10. まだ間に合うかな。。。

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