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Some things I noticed 08/18/2020:
  1. How does a torpedo fire?
  2. People are being bred to be world leaders” πŸ€―πŸ˜‚
  3. Greek government expelled more than 1,000 refugees, sailing them to the edge of territorial waters and then abandoning them in life rafts.
  4. The Filipino Science Hub is an online platform that promotes STEM culture among elementary and high school students
  5. Why [have] those who obtained an education, ‘the smart ones,’ sided [with] the colonizers in insulting the capabilities of Filipinos?
    • “Bakit mas mahalaga sa iyo ang pagtingin ng mananakop sa atin? Eh ano ba kung mababa ang tingin nila sa atin?”
  6. The team used CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing to knock out a gene in squid embryos, which eliminated pigmentation in the eye and in skin cells
  7. Watch Netflix Through a Filmmaker’s Lens
  8. an attacker can append a malicious JAR to a MSI file signed by a trusted software developer
  9. γγΎγγ‚Œγ‚―γƒƒγ‚― Kimagure Cook
  10. i’m a lapper” πŸ˜†

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