Day 14.

Altered Carbon has stacks, The 100 has Memory Drives, The Entire Memory of You has grains. Ava in Ex Machina seems to need her whole head. But she’s a robot. And yet Dolores smuggled five pearls out of Westworld using Tessa Thompson’s body.

There is a story of Jesus exorcising a demon or demons out of a man into a herd of swine. The swine ran down a hill and drowned themselves in a lake. In Blindsight, the ship linguist are four distinct personalities in the mind of one. In Accelerando, Manfred Macx spent time as a flock of passenger pigeons.

What was once spiritual is now replaced with techno-babble. Black Museum is hell. San Junipero is heaven.

The likes of Memento and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind seem to imply that souls are bodies. Now descriptions are more precise. Selves are data on chips one could download and save, obeying its own Moore’s Law. With a healthy dose of “quantum”, future souls steal about-to-die bodies in Travelers.

The Matrix and The Thirteenth Floor seem related but they’re of a different kind. Conceit is more their point. The Truman Show is the more appropriate comparison.

Of course, there is obligation to mention Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner somewhere. But even more so Sonmi-451 from Cloud Atlas. Steven Strait’s character in Life Like is the odd one out.

In Ghajini, there is dancing. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 03/03/2020:
  1. Trust me, I’m an engineer


Day 13.

There was a rock picked up from shore. Two to three fistfuls in size, brownish, irregular pyramid, of grit typical of sea stones. It was nothing special.

But then because it was around, there were times when it proved useful. It had its duty as paper weight. It’s now used as a doorstop. Those two things. Some traces of candle wax, so that, too. Still nothing special.

Sure there were times when it was nothing more than what it is, a piece of rock, collecting dust, somewhere. It disappeared for a long while once, unnoticed. And then on some cleaning day, it showed up, surprising everyone.

Toy Story was the first full-length film Pixar made. They were selling rendering software. The movie was to demo the ability to build worlds using only computers, new at the time.

Value arises from the proximity and interactions of instances of existence. That which has been around for long, has a great probability of being around for much longer. Where there is none to confer value, there is no value.

Someone gave me a pen as a gift once. And then I lost the pen. So I bought the exact same copy. Erasing the fact that it’s not the same pen was impossible.

No other piece of rock like the one I picked up as a kid exists. And yet it’s still just a piece of rock. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 03/02/2020:
  1. Don’t read it just leave it.
  2. History repeats itself humorously.
  3. Taliban is plural for students.
  4. No description other than poetry could possibly be timeless.”
  5. United Launch Alliance Rocket Factory Tour
  6. chic Covid-19 awareness music from Vietnam MOH [engsub]
  7. meanwhile, in some open field