Because I said I’d rewrite everything, I will rewrite today’s entry even if I already composed it in the app.

This entry will not sound like me at all for the same reason English words have funny spelling. The printing press brought along with ink on paper quirks that became the standard. Using apps that prescribe a certain way a writing homogenizes thought somehow. Take for example automatic reply suggestions. Or a certain grammar correction tool whose name this editor marks as an adverb. What happens after humanity delegates most communication to robots?

Of course, most the these technologies are cool. Constraints breeding complaints could be the natural cause of this conservative take. Or it could be the awareness of not needing to dumb down writing for a non-existing audience anyway. Or one simply couldn’t help but insist there is beauty in the complicated some of the time.

To be fair, fighting this tool ironically made producing words faster. Narrowing down choices shortens the time to decide which word to use. But that is because one soon finds oneself out of options. This method does not help in making the writing more concise though. Since adverbs are not allowed, the tool forces the writer to express the same thought in a roundabout way. Also, the lack of passive voice requires specifying a doer in every sentence. In cases when this is not necessary but done anyway, the words become tedious to read.

So, this is the end. Frankly, after rewriting everything, I do not know where I would go from here. But I refuse to think about that now. I’ll figure something out tomorrow. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 02/16/2020:
  1. every year
  2. The Third Thing
  3. panic needs no translation
  4. Airbus throwing shade
  5. nice job
  6. TV Plus not a backup, DTV still under NTC. Maybe HR meant iwant.
  7. <tinfoil hat>COVID-19 is mass inoculation before triggering zombie apocalypse</tinfoil hat>