Some things I noticed 08/02/2020:
  1. Our skin is where we make Vitamin D.
  2. EU imposes the first ever sanctions against cyber-attacks
  3. The fact that a teenager could gain such access to Twitter goes to prove that the tech-giant needs to step up its game
  4. the Pentagon will soon update its decision awarding the contract to Microsoft over Amazon Web Services
  5. Microsoft is exploring an acquisition of TikTok’s operations in the U.S. Trump to direct China-based ByteDance Ltd. to divest its stake
  6. The F-22 was designed for battle in Europe and could face problems now that it had been deployed in the Asia-Pacific.
  7. People get there, and realise that they’re not the best anymore. So they say, okay, my role is not to change the world.
    • “The pressure to prove that you ‘lived up to your potential’ is an insidious side effect that no one talks about.”
  8. The artists today that are making it realise it’s about creating a continuous engagement with their fans; putting the work in
    • “as podcast grows, revenues are driven by podcasts too – that has implications for the share paid out to the music industry”
  9. Don’t remove community captions from YouTube
  10. The secret ingredient turned out to be a bi-metallic switch that would turn the cooker off by bending once the temperature exceeded 100℃.

Some things I noticed 07/11/2020:
  1. The main reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect ME from YOU.
  2. Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization said there’s a 70% chance that the 1.5-degree mark will be exceeded in a single month between 2020 and 2024.
  3. Much as we want to work with the aforesaid media network, we have to abide by the resolution of the House committee.
  4. I thought, ‘I’m going to die here, I don’t want to keep trying.’ But then I saw a flash of light. I thought, ‘I hope it’s not God.’
  5. I thank everyone who has been with me in my life. I am always sorry to my family because I’ve given them only pains.
  6. the ease of Moncrieff’s translations also started a fistfight, ongoing, about whether his Proust is Proust, near Proust, Anglicized Proust, or not Proust at all.
  7. We figured out who our best customers were and made sure they were the ones we were asking for reviews.
  8. we’re one step closer to the vision of browser-based torrents
  9. Never Gonna Give You Up — Choir!
  10. Comment te dire adieu