Wow I have made a lot of disjoint thoughts and even I am lost with what I was trying to say. Apparently, I started with ranting about the supposed lack of ephemerality because by default the use of media to do anything leaves artifacts on the media and thus nothing done through something else seems ephemeral. Then in the same post I was refuting myself with the analogy about the mosquito, whose media I guess is the skin?

And then to justify the activity of writing, which by the way is a contradiction to lamenting the lack of ephemerality, I somehow tried to elevate writing done by humans as opposed to those by machine algorithms. And then the concept of self got introduced and comprehensibility went downhill fast.

Soon there are mentions of the ship of Theseus, anime narrative strategies, version control systems, time travel, and the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics, if that even is what I was going for. It’s a mess. And it has only been ten days which started with a complaint about not being able to keep oneself from drinking coffee.

I guess tomorrow I would have to start writing a do over with all the same concepts and maybe I would be able to say what I’m thinking more clearly, unless something more pressing comes up.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/10/2020:
  1. the sick giant from the story of us, which I haven’t read yet (I have read all the rest from the series, this is the latest)
  2. listening to D. Dennet on the Mindscape podcast, I had to take a note writing someone didn’t watch a certain Black Mirror episode, and then while doing so Sean makes the exact same remark. A bit annoying and delightful.
  3. I vaguely remember dreaming I felt dreadful everything on screen was written in Baybayin and I cannot understand anything