Some things I noticed 05/20/2020:
  1. Will happen, happening happened
  2. I had to live with the fact now that I had an opportunity to do a 9 G maneuver in an F-16, and I tapped out.
  3. Meanwhile, the insecurely attached will hone in on the d word and project accordingly. 🤣
  4. They’d frequently talk in the podcast about being broke girls in their 20s, which is relatable” 🍵
  5. Bob Iger steps down as Disney chief, replaced by theme parks head Bob Chapek
  6. Disney’s head of streaming Kevin Mayer join’s Zhang Yiming’s ByteDance as TikTok chief
  7. Open source software exemplifies dialectics really well
  8. “Is Romanian a romance language?” “Da!” 🤣
  9. Dividing the Middle East – The Great Loot
  10. What is a coronavirus?