aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「動詞+こと」
    • 人工調味料を使うことはいいですか。
  • 「かもしれない」
    • 美味しそうだけだが実際に美味しいじゃないかもしれない。
  • 「してもらう」
    • 別人に家事がしてもらうことは不正だ。
  • 「てくれてありがとう」
    • 魚が全て居てくれてありがとう。
  • 「そうな」
    • 無知はいつも分かりやすそうな説明がある。
Some things I noticed 05/12/2020:
  1. what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months
  2. The stock market is divided between the haves and have-nots. Big technology companies have driven much of the rebound
  3. Kick out the expatriates from our country. If their countries do not want them, why should we deal with them?
  4. Asia’s Lost Millennium – Kishore Mahbubani
    • “to look at the ‘hardware’ alone, while ignoring the ‘software’ advantages of European societies, would be a mistake”
    • “Successful societies have functional elites. They add more value to their societies than they take from it. Unsuccessful societies have corrupt elites.”
    • “New global flows of information are opening the eyes of Asians.”😂
  5. The soldiers indulged in a ‘fist fight and stone pelting’
  6. we, in Udenna corp., have no intention to acquire ABS-CBN
  7. and whether humans are actually alive is debatable? 😂
  8. anime betrayal reference in latest Kurzgesagt video is a hoot
  9. Chris Martin – final together at home concert
  10. he leído: Misquoting Jesus, The Quantum Thief