Gluteus Maximus

It’s day 13 of the rewrites. “Everything, given enough time, goes meta.” Sure.

Thoughts are like clouds. Of words. To catch anything one has to have a bait. A first thought. And most of what follows depend so much on what the initial bait was. Of course, one could use the next thought as a bait and persist. After many tries, one is sure to end up with a good catch. But to have a good catch this way takes time, and that’s what sucks when putting a time-limit to when one is writing.

Letting the writing session be a stream-of-consciousness kind of affair guarantees an output. But if open-ended, the writer might get lost pulling some long train of thought unfit for writing. One then has to hammer it down to something more understandable. So the upside to having the session time-boxed is that one has to stop. There is no need to finish one’s thought by design.

If one’s purpose is to have written something, anything, one cannot go wrong with a rant. Unfortunately, if one wants something worth reading afterwards, rants are not it. They get old very fast because ranting is easy.

If pressed for time, this entry is evidence that ranting about ranting is the way to go. Nothing more tautological than saying everything, given enough time, goes meta.

Enough for today.

This whole thing could have been further simplified to say, “Move along. Nothing to see here,” but I’m trying to be kind to myself.

Some things I noticed 02/06/2020:
  1. Vulf’s Antwaun S covering Justin B’s Let Me Love You on Scary P
  2. Hominid butts evolved from chasing four-legged preys to exhaustion.
  3. James Reid peddler of lies.
  4. Do it, if you’re going to do it. (Fac, si facis.)