Day four.

Virtue depends on one’s orientation. Success depends on what one is trying to do. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Orientation. One’s bearings. From orient meaning east. From oriri meaning to rise. The same root as origin. Back in the day, people would want to have their houses face the sun to get the most light. At night, we use electricity.

Where I’m from, the sun sets in the direction of China. I have to always remind myself that the language I’m using isn’t mine. What for me is the west, this language compels to call The East. In my tongue, the sun is born then goes to its cradle to rest.

Machiavelli was trying to figure out how to govern. So virtue for him was to become machiavellian. I am trying to have something written so I won’t miss a day. Virtue for me is to write anything. Beware of those doling out prescriptions on how to live a virtuous life. One has to find one out for oneself.

It all goes back to the sun. We are all residues of its formation anyway. If Jupiter had the mass of all the other planets, it still wouldn’t be enough. But were it eighty times more massive, the planet named after the god of sky could have been a star.

As for Earthlings, we do not see in ultraviolet. We burn our skin if we stay in the sun for too long. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 02/22/2020:
  1. Spot robot pulling rickshaw carriage
  2. «J’essaie» est déjà une chanson. Bien sûr.
  3. Obed Lekhehle
  4. 私の特技は、お湯を沸かすことです。
  5. the distance between then and now” is short