blessed stone, iron of love, sacred leather

In all their writings (is mention made) of the tree of life, and a resurrection of the flesh by means of the ‘tree,’ because, I imagine, their teacher was nailed to a cross, and was a carpenter by craft; so that if he had chanced to have been cast from a precipice, or thrust into a pit, or suffocated by hanging, or had been a leather-cutter, or stone-cutter, or worker in iron, there would have been (invented) a precipice of life beyond the heavens, or a pit of resurrection, or a cord of immortality, or a blessed stone, or an iron of love, or a sacred leather! Now what old woman would not be ashamed to utter such things in a whisper, even when making stories to lull an infant to sleep?

Celsus as quoted by Origen
aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「さ」
    • 人生の長さは足りない。
    • この世で綺麗さを見ることが選びます。
  • 「がる」
    • 雨が降ったら土は臭がる。
  • 「かもしれない」
    • この言語練習で古くなるかもしれない。

Some things I noticed 05/03/2020:
  1. the serfs are grateful for all the bone
  2. economists have creative ways to ascribe monetary value to things seen to be unmeasurable, including human life itself”
  3. renewable energy and socialism do a lot better together” 🤣
  4. Maybe we just need right now some social distancing… as a definite optimist.“🤣
  5. I know you know we know you weren’t down for forever and it’s fine
  6. I’ll admit it. I will eat my neighbors.” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  7. stimulate mouth simulation to synthesize speech sounds
  8. Crowley and Aziraphale were perfectly cast
  9. Follow me where?