Many worlds

I guess yesterday I fell into the quagmire of assuming humans have agency and that the future is not determined, with talk about writing as if one is already in the future, making sure afterwards that what was written comes true. But then I actually don’t think anyone is capable of self-fulfilling a prophecy unless one backdates the prophecy after the event and disingenuously claiming foreknowledge afterwards. This, of course, is how most of the so-called prophecies from the past actually came to be.

Then again, and I only know this by listening to philosophers who feel like they have to justify their existence on podcasts, and maybe rightly so because on the surface what is the use of thinking about all these things in the first place, but I digress; I mean to say that apparently there exists some very intelligent people who are convinced that all the possible things that could happen from our perspective are actually happening all at once, in some all encompassing dimension where all the hypotheticals, subjunctives, options, and all the possible possibilities in the space of all probabilities are actually just windows to an exponentially ever branching many equally real worlds. If that is the case, then there is a non-zero chance that in one such possible world a claim to have written something with the intention of having it be a self-reflection of one’s future self and it actually happening is actually true.

My thoughts are now on how card guessing games work and how people are nudged into believing prescience by illusions that take advantage of weird features of probability, but that last paragraph is so ugly, I have no intention of editing it and this whole writeup is already too long so maybe I’d get out of this quagmire tomorrow, unless something else more interesting comes up.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/09/2020:
  1. from a completely layman I-should-just-shut-up-this-is-beyond-me-but-I-gotta-say-something-anyway point-of-view, I say wow, all the work that goes into studying neutrinos are fascinating. I mean, you gotta use effing Earth as some kind of a strainer? No words. Just awesome.
  2. anticipating pain is worse than feeling pain, to the extent that sometimes the body sweats blood. So as possible any intention to cause harm should be announced as soon, the actual performance delayed as long, for greatest effect. This explains dentists.
  3. ground, charged. correct for once.
  4. the sun is like a giant ball of fire with electric soot and people dig up oil and wage war over its possession while also burning forests what