Some things I noticed 06/24/2020:
  1. just plant a random diversity and wait for nature to tell you what’s best
  2. In a rare move, the US is sending three aircraft carriers to waters near China as bilateral tensions rise
  3. RepNet is a model that takes as input a video that contains periodic action of a variety of classes and returns the period of repetitions found therein.”
  4. it turns out that the equations of fluid dynamics can be expressed in a form that is a close analogy to the equations governing the flow of spacetime
  5. a division of the republic into two great parties is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil
  6. the El Liceu opera house played its concert for 2,292 plants. The initiative, an idea of Spanish artist Eugenio Ampudia, examines our relationship with nature.”
  7. Filling My PC with Beans and Hiring a Repair Man to Fix it