Some things I noticed 08/15/2020:
  1. You can do anything with cherry picked examples.
  2. today’s mainstream cinema is all about making things relatable for the modern viewer
  3. The Laplace Transform is a one-sided weighted fourier transform for badly behaved functions.
  4. Masonic secrecy is not a way of hiding anything at all. It is the wrapping and not what it contains that is key.
  5. For fifty years it was the largest radio-telescope in the world, it has only been recently superseded by a Chinese telescope.
  6. Drovorub is a ‘swiss-army knife’ of capabilities that allows the attacker to steal files and remote control the victim’s computer
  7. HN runs on one server. Actually the app server (written in Arc) runs on one core. But we have some caching in front of that for logged-out users.
  8. the debate is whether Epic has the right to include a direct-payments service in its app, circumventing Apple’s and Google’s payments systems
  9. The most over-engineered post in somebody’s garden.
  10. What in the world do we have at a quarter to four?