Some things I noticed 07/10/2020:
  1. A Letter on Justice and Open Debate
  2. The time scale that we have to move is very short. Fame is a hack for time.
  3. Marcoleta is INC; This bloc-voting power is the King Maker; EVM waited long and hard for this
  4. I’m getting texts from people saying I’m spoiling too much right now [laughs], but I’m not worried about it because as of now there is no show.
  5. [Hamilton’s] romance distracts our attention from the fact that the Schuylers were one of the most notorious slave-owning families in New York state.
    • “Broadway audiences were not so much seeking hip-hop per se, but a version of hip-hop that allow white liberal audience to embrace blackness on their own terms”
  6. What you’ll get is a shiny new Linux app built with Flutter running on the latest stable version of GTK+.
  7. Making Ubuntu a rolling release
  8. Cemetery Worker, 2 Positions
  9. Cats vs Invisible Wall
  10. get_iplayer

Some things I noticed 07/03/2020:
  1. Is ‘Irregardless’ a Real Word? LOL, the look on your face right now. 😂
  2. people from Senegal and the islands of Micronesia have some of the darkest skin tones in the world
  3. automated systems to get accurate pricing information leads to merchants seeing abandoned carts
  4. why was that Second Dawn bunker empty?
  5. AMCARA Broadcasting Network
  6. Every Button in an F-15 Cockpit
  7. It’s using the back of the guitar as a speaker.
  8. UPeepz Dances to “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull
  9. Jil Is Lucky — 8-bit à mort, A l’envers
  10. They’re barely people.