Some things I noticed 07/03/2020:
  1. Is ‘Irregardless’ a Real Word? LOL, the look on your face right now. 😂
  2. people from Senegal and the islands of Micronesia have some of the darkest skin tones in the world
  3. automated systems to get accurate pricing information leads to merchants seeing abandoned carts
  4. why was that Second Dawn bunker empty?
  5. AMCARA Broadcasting Network
  6. Every Button in an F-15 Cockpit
  7. It’s using the back of the guitar as a speaker.
  8. UPeepz Dances to “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull
  9. Jil Is Lucky — 8-bit à mort, A l’envers
  10. They’re barely people.

Some things I noticed 06/21/2020:
  1. “That old berk, Thought the sun shone out of my brother’s every orifice, he did.” 😂 — Aberforth re: Elphias Doge re: Albus
  2. CERN would build an electron-positron to maximize production of Higgs bosons. Later, the machine would be replaced by a proton-proton smasher
  3. The hand-to-hand fighting lasted for up to eight hours, in pitch darkness, and while no shots were fired the battle was fought with rocks and clubs.”
  4. Activists just toppled the Junipero Serra statue in Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco
  5. The company has never been able to break into the social space, online activity that generates scads of lucrative data for targeting ads.”
  6. My experience convinced me I was not smart enough to be an expert in the theory of algorithms and that I liked procedural languages better than functional ones
  7. It’s the End of the World as We Know It