Some things I noticed 06/17/2020:
  1. For amulets against the plague, Hyacynth is good; sapphire is better; even amber is good; but the best is a toad suspended by the legs in a chimney for three days.”
  2. Ton-That’s willingness to scrape the whole internet for photos has made his company a genuine game-changer in the worst possible way
  3. In the interpretation of the law on prescription of crimes, that which is more favorable to the accused is to be adopted
  4. You’re not rewarded for getting a degree, it’s expected; but you are definitely penalized for not getting one.”
  5. BECs created in space last longer, giving physicists a bit more time to study the exotic state of matter
  6. Lilia Cuntapay, six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon; take two, Kevin Bacon, six degrees of separation from Lilia Cuntapay.
  7. まずはやってみることだ。改善点が見えてくるから。成功したいなら、何があってもあきらめないことだ。
  8. Quran made with Flutter for all platforms
  9. The president has a niece?
  10. Style — Scary Pockets

Some things I noticed 06/10/2020:
  1. It’s so easy to solve. If they don’t change we’re gonna put a tariff on their cars until they change and they’ll change right away.” 🦞
  2. What we have in this country and call education is indoctrination.
  3. They are lucky that what black people is looking for is equality and not revenge.
  4. It’s the finance version of jumping out of an elevator right after you rip ass; in this case, the fart is so bad, it shuts down the whole building.
  5. Because the shorteners created URLs with sequential shortcodes, we were able to enumerate them and identify URLs containing e-mail addresses of targets” 🤦
  6. Overall, [Fuchsia] kernel design is inherently safer than Linux’s; mitigations and security practices around it are better
  7. launch a hypersonic projectile into a general area, dispense a loitering air system which then uses its own sensors to find and identify target
  8. 真っ赤な鉄を叩く音【ASMR】😆
  9. 夜になる — 優河
  10. Surf Mesa – ily