Some things I noticed 09/21/2020:
  1. Prelude to the First Punic War, Hiero II of Syracuse
  2. Ginsburg convinced an all-male Supreme Court to take discrimination against women seriously – using a case on discrimination against men.
  3. We may have different beliefs and values, but the Philippines as a co-equal sovereign nation never interfered in their internal affairs.
  4. much is control for its own sake, designed to aid corruption; The worse off the people, the more foreign aid, more for officials to skim
  5. Transportation officials in the UK have warned commuters not to use live snakes as face coverings
  6. Essentially they treat me like PHP, a new CGI-bin’s what they think of me
  7. Colter Wall — “Kate McCannon“, “The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie
  8. Arkani-HamedAmplituhedron
  9. holding little sister for the first time
  10. we know that time slows down.

Some things I noticed 09/20/2020:
  1. Proclamation 1021 extending the period of state of calamity in the Philippines until September 12, 2021
  2. the Great Red Spot now measures about 15 800 kilometres across, big enough to swallow the Earth. The super-storm is still shrinking
  3. Extreme distance cuts both ways.” “All those allies would be absolutely key.” “In pure game theory, US would be better off seeking war.
  4. plenty of nations have voluntarily limited their territorial seas to avoid conflict, sometimes concessions can strengthen national security
  5. Health monitoring and provincial care system had 1 million volunteers. Good for one is good for all. Adversity reveals a nation’s character.
  6. The Filipino people should be thankful to these countries for supporting the arbitral award and ensuring that the rule of law will prevail
  7. Feelin’ A-LIVE — A Virtual Table Read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  8. how do you catch the winds of luck?
  9. A neighbor asked for a tomato.
  10. Makita rebar tier