Nothing is new. We only repeat thoughts better people already said in better ways. There seems to be no point. Except this time, we exist. All the things that include us never happened before. After us, they will never happen again.

No matter how similar our perspective is to everybody else’s, it is at least a bit different enough to be unique. That is like the essence of being a person. One has a body and one can only see from one’s body at any moment, paying attention to things one at a time. No one has nor will ever again experience our own experience now in exactly the same manner.

I said I will write something each day. One would hope that one could come up with something that has a semblance of originality while doing it. But what is original? We already concede that everything is a mix and match of earlier stuff. Most of the available difference comes only from us being different in a different time.

I’m pretty sure there’s already a way more elegant telling of this thought somewhere, but this one is mine. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 02/18/2020:
  1. There’s no way! He’s a boy.
  2. Surely The Handmaiden is more rewatched than Parasite? ✂️
  3. quine in dart
  4. script kiddies unite