Some things I noticed 07/27/2020:
  1. 紅の豚 予告
  2. North Korea reports first suspected case of COVID-19
  3. Even if they don’t have cocaine in them, they still use the leaves.
  4. Crucially, this step assumes that the bits selected by the hash function end up all being distinct, which is not always guaranteed
  5. recent increase in successful jackpotting ultimately results in higher fees, as financial institutions pass on the costs caused by the losses.
  6. the quantitative revolution has become the biggest today, capturing some $500 billion of the industry’s more than $3 trillion in assets
    • “Jeff Bezos, who had joined in 1990, was in charge of the online retailing project at D.E. Shaw.”
    • “These days, betting on inefficiencies in public markets has become less profitable. D.E. Shaw has moved into emerging markets”
  7. a property tycoon has been searching for potential sites for a new city due to political uncertainty between Hong Kong and Beijing.
  8. The day Khan got a contraband phone in prison, he and his cellmate spent the night sobbing as they reconnected with family members.” 🤔
  9. export drive on backs of Chinese working class one; blow to America’s blue-collar second; Wall Street profited third front in class war.
    • “state support for Chinese industry extends to subsidised land deals, cheap electric power and a subsidised low interest loans”
    • “the US did not prevail in the Cold War in Asia. The mistake in thinking we are in a ‘new Cold War’ is in thinking of it as new.”
    • “The key lay in rebalancing domestic inequality such that domestic demand was adequate to domestic production.”
    • “not domestic reform as means of defusing international tension, but international tension as driver of domestic transformation.”
    • “the novel challenge we face is how to disarm economic growth as a planetary threat”
  10. meaning of emoji in Twitter handles

Some things I noticed 07/17/2020:
  1. “Suppression is the instrument of totalitarian dictatorships. We don’t talk of that sort of thing in a free country. We simply take a democratic decision not to publish.” — Yes Minister, Season 2 Episode 4, The Greasy Pole
  2. My first, instant thought was how incredible it would be to make a sculpture of her, in that instant
  3. It’s a plastic straw that’s stuck on that turtle’s nose. We found him again about two years later, he was enjoying his life.
  4. The eastern ice sheet lies mostly on high ground, , relatively stable; most of West Antarctica lies below sea level. Thwaites collapse is inevitable.
  5. European court overruled a 2016 decision that ordered Apple to pay $14.9 billion in unpaid taxes to Ireland
    • “This case was not about how much tax we pay, but where we are required to pay it”
  6. We detected a coordinated social engineering attack by target[ing] some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.
  7. Mas magagaling pa ang senador ng Pilipinas kesa sa Senador nila. Bakit ba sila nakikialam, pakialaman nila iyong bansa nila
  8. A Scanner Darkly – Original Theatrical Trailer
  9. 10-year time-lapse of the sun released by NASA
  10. a robot to cut hair with scissors