Some things I noticed 04/21/2020:
  1. all we are ever able to do, it seems
  2. “the biggest threat has emerged in the form of America’s government
  3. “Sovereign currency issuers can conjure up unlimited funds, poor countries cannot. Their debts are foreign.”
  4. police will never come inside a private property unless invited by the owner or administrator”
  5. Bad call on the part of the poet. Sarcasm presupposes wit. Vastly overestimated her audience.
  6. In some abstract sense, the difference between Riemann integral and Lebesgue integral is like that between SQL and NoSQL.
  7. On the contrary, by producing endless “entertainment”, one could say “the West” rather prepared well
  8. The One That Goes Behind The Scenes
  9. “Their friendship provides a thin, wobbly dramatic peg, but just enough for Mr. O’Toole to show the younger guys out there how the thing is done properly.”
  10. Decoherence
    • “Humanity is a thin layer of bacteria on a ball of mud hurtling through the void.”
    • “You’re here along with the rest of us to speed the entropic death of this planet. To service the chaos. We’re maggots eating a corpse.”


It’s day 17 of the rewrites.

I lost all the contents of my Chrome browser Writespace extension. It could be the recent Bleachbit update I ran on temporary files. Or it could be the recent Chrome update. Google announced it will sunset the app extension feature used by Writespace. Who likes ephemerality now?

That out of the way, I don’t know whether I should agree or disagree with what I wrote yesterday. But that is not new and it doesn’t matter.

We are nature. There is no meaning. As parts of nature we are collections of information formed in random. Yet masses of anything tend to attract more. But as collections of information grow, not all new information add with ease. The shapes of both the collection and the incoming information have to fit. So the collection moves to orient itself or manipulates the new information or both. The act of doing so bequeaths the collection value to itself as a self. As a consequence of that, it is then able to ascribe meaning to new information nearby.

Next time I read the paragraph above I will laugh at how stupid it is. But for now, I cherish having another stab at clawing against the surface of oneself with words. Many people cannot afford to think about such a meaningless topic as the meaning of meaning. At the time I am writing this, half a million fled their homes due to volcanic ashfall. We are nature.

Enough for today.

I was wrong. It still makes sense. I did not laugh.

Some things I noticed 02/10/2020:
  1. What is even the point?
  2. Room temperature is a defined range.
  3. Bowling Tricks 1948
  4. Second great reason to not eat uranium
  5. Not at all bad but not funny. Shouldn’t have been billed as comedy.
  6. Because I’m a fucking weirdo