Some things I noticed 08/20/2020:
  1. ISO 3103 specify a standardized method for brewing tea
  2. Miel Gibson intends to keep its name but plans to lose the actor’s image from the label.
  3. BlackSky was able to photograph images of Port Elizabeth in South Africa just over two days after launch
  4. This political crisis in Kosovo puts the idea of land-swaps back on table. Redrawing borders along ethnic lines will break the existing stalemate.
  5. In a single year, you give up roughly the same number of dead skin cells as there are stars in the milky way galaxy.
  6. One must take into account not only the actual text, but also, and in equal measure, the actions involved in responding to that text.
  7. Algal the Bard — Toxicity, Nothing Else Matters
  8. Bruno Coulais — Kyrie Eleison
  9. Alabama Shakes – This Feeling
  10. Sevana — Mango

“Part of our fears about the world ending must stem from the strange reality that for each of us our world will end, and soon. In that sense, maybe apocalyptic anxieties are mostly a byproduct of humanity’s astonishing capacity for narcissism — how could the world possibly survive the death of its single-most important inhabitant, me?”

— Humanity’s Temporal Range, The Anthropocene Reviewed, John Green
Some things I noticed 08/19/2020:
  1. How do you stick two fiber cables together?
  2. In a rare moment, practical considerations outweighed ideology.” 😌
  3. decrease in frequency average affecting electric clocks; they show currently a delay of close to six minutes
  4. This is the largest known case of illegal fishing perpetrated by a single industrial fleet operating in another nation’s waters
  5. P2 organizes all your files, projects, and conversations on one screen, so your team can collaborate from anywhere.
  6. To write the entire English language, a stenographer’s dictionary is often made up of over 100,000 entries.
  7. a version of Minesweeper where you will never be penalised when forced to guess
  8. Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Masbate
  9. Morning Waterbug — Pomplamoose
  10. Silver Linings Playbook