Some things I noticed 08/16/2020:
  1. Itaewon Class
  2. I have been with the federation for 40 years, I have never seen pollution of this magnitude
  3. If the airstrips on the three atolls are sinking or cracked it would not be readily apparent from satellite imagery.” 😆
  4. The consumption of steel in July was underpinned by demand for flat steel products used in products from cars and appliances
  5. port authorities sent Syrian workers to fix the holes; During the work, sparks from welding took hold and fire started to spread
  6. In Event of Moon Disaster is an art project asking to consider how new technologies can bend, redirect and obfuscate the truth around us.
  7. pick a popular blog category; [give] GPT-3 the headline and introduction for a blog post and [have] it spit out several completed versions
  8. he wanted to bring Susukan to the President. But we learned about it, we had him arrested, and Misuari readily and peacefully gave him up.
  9. Ex-PLDT top exec now Dito CME’s new president
  10. off-brand celebrity doppelgangers

Some things I noticed 08/13/2020:
  1. when there is work to be done, people to do it, and demand for it. It’s often a cash flow problem; any instrument that saves liquidity helps.
    • “There’s a structural failing in policies like quantitative easing. Simply printing more money does not mean it will circulate.”
  2. Any attacking missile will be perceived as carrying nuclear warhead; leadership will determine retaliatory action by nuclear forces.
  3. clinical trials were expected to start soon in the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.
  4. After his years in Mindanao, Morales served as the aide de camp, or trusted security escort, of then first lady Imelda Marcos.
  5. I have discovered that corruption is bigger than the state and that the state is paralyzed by this clique and cannot confront it or get rid of it
  6. mitochondria convert cholesterol into cortisol; receptors carry into nuclei; some into mitochondria, makes energy production efficient
    • “Exercise may be the best thing you can do for your mitochondria.”
  7. If the water in the ocean was crystal clear, people who are scared of heights would avoid it.
  8. 12 year old, 13-year-old Julie Andrews
  9. 近いようで。。。とても遠い」🧀
  10. Aimer 『カタオモイ』