Some things I noticed 06/01/2020:
  1. “The Civil service was united in its desire to make sure that the common market didn’t work. That’s why we went to it.” – Yes Minister, S01E05
  2. Apple did an investigation of their logs and determined there was no misuse or account compromise due to this vulnerability.
  3. what we now think of as physics really came to be only once we understood conservation of momentum
  4. It should be personal to you. How come it’s not personal to you?
  5. No I never did and that’s why you’ll never be born.
  6. A Dangerous Glacier Grows Inside Mount St. Helens’ Crater
  7. Amish Paradise – “Weird” Al Yankovic
  8. Crew Demo-2
  9. Light ’em up!
  10. 徐娇