Some things I noticed 05/21/2020:
  1. “They really read, and that’s one thing unusual. Hardly anyone I see read.” – Robbie Sunico re: Eraserheads
  2. for the first time almost anyone can remember, Mt. Everest was visible from Kathmandu
  3. Michigan’s Edenville Dam fail, torrent of water rush down Tittabawassee River
  4. Patienten avlider lugnt och stilla. Adekvat palliation.” 🧊
  5. the Swedes seem to have found a way to keeping the public pension liabilities down without lowering the payments” 😲
  6. 例えば、「私はお金持ち」って子供に言ったら、色々なものを買ってもらいたくなるだろう。
  7. Meanwhile, social pressure for ephemeral consumerist signalling normalizes outsourcing of childcare to alienated workers with misaligned incentives.
  8. who do you love? me or the thought of me?
  9. no one ever said that there’s an easy way
  10. ヲズワルド – 煮ル果実, 宮下遊