Since I have no idea where this blog is going, I guess I have to stick to going along with the flow. Yesterday I used the Hemingway app to write the entry, and it served me well. So since I also do not know what else to write about that doesn’t involve writing about me, here’s an idea. I will in the next series of posts rewrite what I have written so far in this cookie cutter of a writing tool. Give it some shape. Make it intelligible. Remove all the “justs” and the “I thinks” and the “maybes” and all the adverbs. And chop ’em long ass sentences to pieces.

Starting from the beginning, here goes.

Let’s be honest. (Of course, the following words will only say things comfortable for the writer to be honest about.)

I was considering giving up coffee for 2020. The plan was that I would post Days Until I Last Had Coffee on Facebook everyday and watch the number grow. I was also thinking it’s the most I could tolerate doing on that abominable site. But guess what I’m drinking before starting this. Yeah right.

So instead, I will attempt to post on this blog on a regular manner instead. I have some vague thoughts about Facebook, but I should reserve that for tomorrow.

Enough for today.

Ha. How about that for a recursion. In an abrupt manner I have a lot of material to end up having written in the future. Even though this prohibition of adverbs is killing me. How does one express suddenly without saying the damn word?

Some things I noticed 01/25/2020:
  1. On the other hand, those who give the air of having never procrastinated are often cold-ass coasts who make contributing to society feel morally incorrect somehow. I mean beaches. The one with a T.
  2. Pretty sure whoever wrote this letter doesn’t procrastinate.
  3. Or these people. (Warning: if in a good mood rn, don’t even watch)
  4. Meta: It’s like Twitter knows I haven’t been back in a while so it’s trying to rile me up. Well played. GG.
  5. From WK today:
    • 過去のことは水に流す。
    • 「努力は裏切らない」とは嘘だ。
  6. To the point about the complicated being rather more interesting.
  7. Dead.
  8. KNPP shirts are fine, imho.
  9. Stan since Frances Ha.


One can of course recurse the argument from yesterday and say that subjectivity does not exist either, as one’s conception of what oneself even is also requires the gaze of some other, perhaps what we said was the collective subjectivity we imagine as objectivity, because truly seeing oneself without one’s reflection on another is impossible. It seems one needs a language to describe oneself (does one?), and how is a language to be if just of one? (Possible?)

Where am I going with this? (Again disclaimer, this is all bs and I have no idea, this writing exercise is just a Markov chain of daily entries, but let’s take a stab at it anyway.) If objectivity exists only in the collective subjective, but subjectivity can also only exist with the help of the gaze of others, how can this circle be squared?

Well I guess I succeeded in confusing myself as I wrote yesterday. Maybe the takeaway here is that there are many oughts for every is, and surprisingly there seems to also be many ises. (Are there now?)

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/21/2020:
  1. No comment
  2. Best way to go, maybe not so for the audience
  3. January is almost up, and I haven’t touched any of the books that I wanted to read yet.
  4. The need to be got. Such a foreign concept.
  5. Ynot zoklākogon daor.