“Consider one of your beliefs, such as the belief that ten is more than three. And suppose someone comes along with a staff and says, I tell you that three is really more than ten, and here is my proof. And then he casts down his staff which suddenly and miraculously becomes a snake. As al-Ghazālī says you would be bewildered, but that would not tempt you to believe that three is really more than ten.”

—143 – Special Delivery: al-Ghazālī, History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
Some things I noticed 07/26/2020:
  1. 魔女の宅急便 予告
  2. it’s rare that Swift steps outside and writes about someone else’s story
  3. The reactor must generate at least 10 kilowatts; weigh no more than 3,500 kg, operate in space mostly autonomously, run at least 10 years.
  4. the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force focus is discovering whether another nation is using breakout aviation technology
    • “Mr. Davis gave a classified briefing as recently as March about retrievals from ‘off-world vehicles not made on this earth.'”
  5. See what’s really going on inside your nerves’ ends
  6. If you cannot see the stars then you don’t know where you are.
  7. because epic poems have originated in times of political upheaval, lessons readers take from them have changed over the centuries.
    • “what most unites this new set of books is that they seek to challenge existing values, not affirm them”
  8. Editorial board of Index and more than 70 staff members resign
  9. LEGO Lenticular mosaic – Iron Man / Tony Stark
  10. How to person woman man camera tv

Some things I noticed 06/10/2020:
  1. It’s so easy to solve. If they don’t change we’re gonna put a tariff on their cars until they change and they’ll change right away.” 🦞
  2. What we have in this country and call education is indoctrination.
  3. They are lucky that what black people is looking for is equality and not revenge.
  4. It’s the finance version of jumping out of an elevator right after you rip ass; in this case, the fart is so bad, it shuts down the whole building.
  5. Because the shorteners created URLs with sequential shortcodes, we were able to enumerate them and identify URLs containing e-mail addresses of targets” 🤦
  6. Overall, [Fuchsia] kernel design is inherently safer than Linux’s; mitigations and security practices around it are better
  7. launch a hypersonic projectile into a general area, dispense a loitering air system which then uses its own sensors to find and identify target
  8. 真っ赤な鉄を叩く音【ASMR】😆
  9. 夜になる — 優河
  10. Surf Mesa – ily