Some things I noticed 04/04/2020:
  1. Hoarding everywhere except in ROK.
  2. Moon Jae-in Biography
  3. Avalon Jazz Band – Bésame Mucho, Si tu vois ma mère
  4. Miss Lea Salonga, Bayanihan Musikahan
  5. Pass through checkpoints faster with RapidPass by Devcon.
  6. PNPKI riding Covid-19 wave
  7. False dichotomy. Also, one is socially constructed, the other rather concrete. Why the dilemma?
  8. Haven’t seen nothing yet.
  9. to help people feel like they’d gotten their money’s worth, we’d put on a little animated show with lots of random characters that gradually revealed the right password”
  10. « Une vie où je pourrais me souvenir de celle-ci »