Taste and See

Day 9.

意見。Idea. See. Opinion. 意味。Idea. Taste. Meaning.

If one presses the key g while using the software Stellarium, one could see the stars through the ground. One with eyes that could detect neutrinos would see only noise. Constraints make sense.

Butterflies taste with their feet. They sample leaves before laying eggs on them. Figs eat wasps. Early in U.S. history, the runner-up in the presidential election became the vice president.

There are so many dead websites. Addressing content on the internet is a problem. URLs are so brittle. The Wayback Machine is not sustainable. For the sake of preservation, at least search indices exist.

I could be wrong, but it’s very likely that Mangyan started as a pejorative exonym. It sounds so close to mga yan. They have names for themselves that most people do not use. We’ve got a long way to go.

Spinoza’s god couldn’t be a person. If it is the nature of being a person to have a perspective, then what else is there to see if one is already everything? That which is a person cannot be infinity itself. Or this explains why God is vain. Alas, the eternal cop-out is to say, all things are possible.

Cognitive dissonance shows up in many situations. Belief disconfirmation, induced compliance, and effort justification are some examples. To be fair, living is hard and people are busy. Enough for today.

It’s 20/20

The most remarkable thing that happened today for me is that I took a bath. This day is one of those. I have no idea.

Now to what I was saying yesterday about ephemerality, in broad strokes, the line of thought goes like this:

Brainspace is limited, forgetting is crucial to keep the noggins running, nature used to help a lot at this being ephemeral (since we forget by not seeing things anymore for long), but then we started recording things.

Here I will sound like that ancient Greek fellow who famously lamented the invention of writing, yet I will have to double down by pointing out that our experience of the world is now so different sometimes that in some contexts ephemerality is now rare, like in conversations, for example, which must be remarkably unusual to brains unable to consciously forget.

Many thoughts spring from this, like self-censorship, erosion of agency, and haven’t I heard of Snapchat, of course, but then this entry is now too long so I’d probably write about that tomorrow, unless something else comes up.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/03/2020:
  1. as if providence was rebuking me for what I wrote in my last entry, music producer Grimes on the Mindscape podcast remarked that “the human psyche is splitting, we have two selves now.”
  2. somehow a video titled Group Homomorphisms is the first media I consumed post waking up, courtesy of the Youtube algorithm. Good to know, but why? This must be the reason for today.
  3. WWIII is trending, weird that I was attempting a poem December 31 supposedly ending with the line “welcome to the decade of death” but thought it too grim and didn’t push through; I could have been claiming prescience now. We know what they say about hindsight.