Some things I noticed 08/25/2020:
  1. Previously classified documentary video of Tsar Bomba nuke test
  2. It’s a bit like you with your Jesus, except for us, Jesus would also be a member of the family.
  3. over southern Atlantic Ocean, an unusually weak spot in magnetic field allows charged particles from the Sun to dip closer than normal
  4. few more impressive than Blaeu Atlas; printed 1644, three volumes 276 hand-colored lithographs that mapped the known world. All missing.
  5. i want to say i hesitated, but i was nine and drunk on power and i simply did it.” 😆
  6. If people expect Asean to choose sides they are going to be disappointed.
  7. As we all know, Bacon is unhealthy.” 🥓
  8. Reagan tells Soviet jokes
  9. Trolley is out of control
  10. the peggies「センチメートル」

Some things I noticed 08/10/2020:
  1. Likha Baybayin
  2. We tried lucid dreaming for a month.
  3. The British Museum is full of stolen artifacts
  4. A quest for Mesoamerica’s oldest glyphs and a birthplace of ancient writing.
  5. The Settlement Class is defined as all persons within the US who had a consumer Google+ account and had their Information exposed
  6. The mahjong table has been in use for three to four years. If there are gatherings at home, I would use it as a dining table.” 🤔
  7. 不可思議のカルテ — Fonzi M, バニーガール
  8. the peggies — 君のせい
  9. Make your own Tokamak!
  10. I don’t want to fly again