Some things I noticed 04/19/2020:
  1. I-Witness: ‘Ako si Patient 2828’
  2. when the orchestra isn’t well orchestrated, there seems to be a problem
  3. “As a seasoned prominent legal figure, he should urge youngsters to obey the law. But he encouraged more youngsters to break the law
  4. “I went to a pizza place. Next morning, thinking about naming the retail shop I’m going to start, I saw Giordano. People would think Italian brand.”
  5. TeX is pronounced “tech”, and Donald Knuth made it originally for his book
    • “Poets have to write poems. I have to write computer programs.”
    • “A person’s success in life is determined by having a high minimum, not a high maximum.”
    • “I’ve been so fortunate riding waves and being born at a time that was just right for my particular peculiarity.”
  6. “we recognize discrepancy between the commonly accepted definition of end-to-end encryption and how we were using it
  7. God be like, “this pandemic shall pass through, but I shall also send forth Eric Yuan to create Zoom
  8. Integrated circuits seem to have inherited this numbering scheme from vacuum tubes
  9. Solutions don’t exist except in the minds of people that are hungry for them.
  10. ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ está disponible gratis en
  11. La Donna è Mobile