Some things I noticed 05/24/2020:
  1. Casio drama
  2. Crazy ESP8266 Casio calculator mod using magnets as HID
  3. Push-button installer of macOS in Virtualbox
  4. Man at the Crossroads: Diego Rivera’s Mural at Rockefeller Center
    • “He had the hope that there would be a coming together of workers and industrialists and businessmen to further mankind in general”
    • “The leftist artist was taunted by those who felt he had sold out”
    • “If someone buys the Sistine Chapel, does he have the authority to destroy it?”
  5. Detroit Industry Murals
  6. Изоизоляция, Izoizolyacia, “Art Isolation” where bored Russians recreate art
  7. 今までの幸せとこれからの幸せが沢山詰まった夢をみました。とにかく幸せだった
  8. Man is condemned to be free.” Indeed.
  9. I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive.

Storage Sense

What happened
  • browsing, some courses require Microsoft Office, so tried login to checkup on Excel online; it’s alright, still no use to me
  • account had 2FA tied to Microsoft Authenticator long gone from phone, so can’t login at first, had to sort that out; tied Microsoft login to Google Auth instead, which is possible, apparently
  • password has changed, so figured time to visit Windows on Virtualbox to make sure can still log in, updated/upgraded the thing; that took a while
  • while at it, also booted up Windows partition afterwards, after two years (!), so many updates backed up
  • ran out of disk space, Bleachbit temp files, still not enough, deleted some from precious android firmware collection, learned Storage Sense is a thing
  • files from old Windows install (Windows 8) still being kept apparently so let go of that; will hunt for the deleted ROMs some other time
  • typing this on Notepad, hopefully can boot back to Linux after all these feature upgrades with less fuss

I mentioned vague thoughts about Facebook last time but while writing the thought I realized I was just being old.

The idea goes like this. If one wishes to “be normal” (not to stand out), one has to try to participate in the attention economy (to try to stand out), so it is really hard nowadays not to stand out, because if you don’t try, you do. Ex falso quod libet.

(There’s a relevant widely retweeted quip I once read about how creepy someone at a coffee shop is, no headphones, no phone, just sitting there. Maybe I’d find it again.)

But this notion is wrong, because there is an assumption that normalcy is immutable. It is not. What’s normal changes over time, some just don’t get the update.

Oh well. I have a similar vague thought about ephemerality, but this entry is now too long so I’d probably reserve that for tomorrow, unless something else comes up.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/02/2020:
  1. There’s a comment on the Egypt Caspian Report episode about how Pharaohs might react to the news of modern Egypt importing food. I don’t know what sentiment the commenter is assuming the Pharaoh would have, whether to be weirded out or to be disappointed it’s still happening. I doubt everything I thought I knew about this, Joseph and all, is the point.
  2. It’s uncomfortable how that Philip Goff person on the Mindscape podcast could rattle on almost without saying anything understandable. Weirdly enough, I had to look up panpsychism out of frustrated curiousity. Maybe that’s the idea, I’m just a sucker for vagueness, or both.
  3. Microsoft should just ship Windows with the Linux kernel and buy Codeweavers to run all the legacy stuff on WINE. Windows update taking users hostage every damn time is criminal. Restart now. Do not turn off. Who are you?