Some things I noticed 07/14/2020:
  1. I Know What You Download on BitTorrent
  2. there are chunks of a fat molecule that are identical to chunks of a gasoline molecule.
    • “We invented a period of development called childhood that no other organism has.”
  3. mass migration brought the need to form a communal identity, backed by a dream of a past golden age. That job fell mostly to Josiah
    • “literal reading actually detracts from the Biblical authors; Only when you read them critically do you understand their genius.”
    • “a theory argues that Biblical Jerusalem was situated atop the Temple Mount, holiest Judaism; two of the holiest in Islam”
    • “The basis of much of this wealth, one theory holds, was mining.”
  4. Procrastination as an avoidance strategy is nearly perfect in its outcome in protecting our self-worth, even as we jeopardize our performance.
    • “Your ability is not equivalent to your worth.”
  5. to be of service, I will be stepping away from this endeavor as I understand the hurt and potential harm my last name may cause.
  6. The year-to-date average global temperature was 1.07 degrees C above the 20th-century average.
  7. This is how I render my animations” 😂
  8. Intelligence is not a single thing.
  9. L’Arc~en~Ciel — Blurry Eyes
  10. F. Sor Thême Varié op. 15c