Some things I noticed 07/04/2020:
  1. Luna Lovegood Is The Most Important Character
  2. The bookwheel was an early attempt to solve the problem of managing increasingly numerous printed works
  3. 子供にとって、両親共働きというのはあまり良くないのかもしれません。
  4. The KT tsunami would have arrived too late to capture the falling tektites. The wave might have been created by a curious phenomenon known as a seiche.
    • “Most died in a vertical position in the sediment, didn’t even tip over on their sides”
  5. Converge ICT’s IPO could be the biggest ever in the Philippines.
  6. the tradeoff is that the design sacrifices the cypherpunk objective of keeping those supporting the network anonymous
  7. The World’s Largest Urban Biodiversity Study
  8. the Not-a-Wheelchair
  9. e4e5 – casual chess
  10. Mario Farts!

Some things I noticed 07/03/2020:
  1. Is ‘Irregardless’ a Real Word? LOL, the look on your face right now. 😂
  2. people from Senegal and the islands of Micronesia have some of the darkest skin tones in the world
  3. automated systems to get accurate pricing information leads to merchants seeing abandoned carts
  4. why was that Second Dawn bunker empty?
  5. AMCARA Broadcasting Network
  6. Every Button in an F-15 Cockpit
  7. It’s using the back of the guitar as a speaker.
  8. UPeepz Dances to “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull
  9. Jil Is Lucky — 8-bit à mort, A l’envers
  10. They’re barely people.