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Update 03/2020:

I knew I couldn’t keep that up. Writing everyday? No way.

But, the noticed section continue to prove useful, so I’ll keep it. Making it is like taking some volition back from our feed algorithm overlords. Also, it’s a nice gauge for knowing when to stop surfing the interwebs. Yep, surfing. Like it’s the 90’s.

Meanwhile, all those daily entries are now buds, dormant.

Update 2020:

I guess I’m doing a daily thought dump now, started on a whim on New Year’s Day because I wasn’t able to keep myself from drinking coffee. Basically, I tell Google to set a timer for 30 15 minutes after reading the previous day’s garbage, and then I set to work creating more. (Many times I overindulge, but never for longer than an hour.)

Also, the “things I noticed” section is recorded throughout the day, appended to the thought pile at the time of publication, so when I do the excretion early, some of the entries have in fact been noticed the previous day.


I will also post here solutions to my tech problems. I wish to avoid repeating the tedious process of retracing what I know I was already able to solve before but cannot instantly recall how.

First, what do I mean by “a collection of disjoint thoughts”? Here:

Thou ought

taught thoughts

sought, nought!

…or something like this:

When one writes down all the first thoughts that come up while facing an empty slate to write on, thoughts that are completely random surface in one’s head. The thing is, there are patterns to randomicity, showing the reflection of those who see.

So, yeah. This blog is entirely uninteresting. It exists for what’s under the hood, where the owner, who goes by the name Superman at least to one person I know (not kidding), is tinkering stuff to satisfy his curiosity. Not yours. Ah, and a link is in order. Bye.

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