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Days Until I Last Had Coffee: 0

Let’s be honest.
(Of course, by saying this you know the following words are heavily filtered to say only things the writer is comfortable being honest about.)

I was seriously considering giving up coffee for 2020. The plan was that I would post Days Until I Last Had Coffee on Facebook everyday and watch the number grow. I was also thinking it’s the most I could tolerate doing on that abominable site. But guess what I’m drinking just before starting this? Yeah right.

So instead, I think I will try to post regularly on this blog instead. I have some vague thoughts about Facebook, but to be able to do this regularly I think maybe I should reserve that for tomorrow, unless something else comes up.

Enough for today.

Something I noticed 01/01/2020:
    Youtube apparently knows I’m a Whovian; adjacent to all the Star Wars hype, I watched Attack the Block recently and thought it was good; I will watch her other films. If my memory is correct a discussion online about The Entire History of You is what got me started with Black Mirror, before I even knew J.W. is a thing. She definitely is.

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