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Dr. Anagonye

I’m writing this early so nothing significant happened yet. With how this is going I’ll probably end up ditching this part altogether eventually anyway.

So, the continuation of the idea from yesterday was that behavior differs when aware of being recorded, restricting oneself to comfortable patterns of thought, whereas when one is within the safe space of ephemerality one could entertain a wider array of ideas knowing that a lot of them are possibly wrong.

But then I have to write today that I’d like to walk back on that, if only to derive pleasure in proving the whole thing wrong by saying now that I think it’s wrong and recording it anyway, highlighting how hypocritical it is to even dare say ephemerality is decreasing.

Seriously though, I think both are possibly right in the context of differing timescales, as are most things. I mean, I think of myself as rather not ephemeral at the moment, as compared to, say, some mosquito I would probably swat later, but then as soon as I sleep later I recognize I would as good as die, and be born hopefully mostly similar but nevertheless slightly different tomorrow, and after enough of that happening eventually I’ll expire like the mosquito, although preferably not quite in the same manner.

More could be said about how that works, but then this entry is already getting too long so I better reserve that for tomorrow.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/04/2020:
  1. Most scissors emoji wouldn’t work.
  2. Always thought freeballing was some ballgame metaphor and means kinda like freestyling, apparently not. Oh no.
  3. To the extent that real things affect real things, I think Santa is real to a lot of people who behave accordingly, and I would totally have no objection to Anna Kendrick being Santa, other than she looks more like an elf, but that’s not a problem at all
  4. Pretty sure there’s some fancy shorthand to what I just said I didn’t know so I propose to proper philosophers who do know the terminologies to open up something like a clinic where people could get diagnosed for their philosophical positions, kinda like what Chidi does in The Good Place, y’all probably already call yourselves doctors anyway, just so more people could grasp ideas with proper handles and be able to play around with the lot of them. On the other hand, this could be an app. On the other hand, maybe it already is.

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