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It’s day 8 of the rewrites. This one is downright embarrassing to read. I’m naming concepts now? The balls.

I said I would link the idea of having different selves each day to writing as self-reflection. Instead, yesterday I wrote about Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Bill Gates.

If we are to consider a No answer to whether the ship of Theseus is the same ship, we could say the following. The intended audience of those who write as self-reflection are their future selves. The written artifacts will then serve as markers with which to compare future values. If the written artifacts disgust the future self, it shows progress. If instead the future self admires what one wrote, it shows otherwise.

Let’s introduce the reverse of this concept which we’ll call writing as self-projection. Consider the written material as something a future self would write as self-reflection. Let the current self write it as though acquired through divination. Treat the material as though sent from the future. And then hold future selves accountable to make the writing actually such.

It’s a stupid idea. I am already disgusted by it I am not even finished writing it yet. This entry is already too long. So I’d reserve my violent reactions unless something else comes up.

Enough for today.

Because I’m rewriting everything I missed the chance to do a monthly recap. I blame the decision to not edit what I wrote in the first place. On second thought, there’s nothing of substance to recap so not having to do it is a good thing.

Also, how dry are the words in the world without adverbs?

Some things I noticed 02/01/2020:
  1. The Baroque Guitar (Tarzan anu nah?)
  2. Greta’s classmate alone in group presentation
  3. Le Festin, Vincent, When She Loved Me
  4. The Good Place finale. Perfect.
  5. Very kind prank.
  6. doubleplusgood at preventing thoughtcrime

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